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We are part of a solid business group, Xubi Group, specialised in offering an integral, close and flexible service, adapted to each customer’s demands.

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Engineering and design

Technological and repair assistance

Development of new products

Engineering and design of ball screws and spiral bevel gears

Our technical and design department accompanies you to define the necessary components for your systems. Knowing your requirements, we can supply the necessary calculations to fully define your solutions.


Technological and repair assistance

From BSG-Zuazo we can analyse ball screws and spiral bevel gears that have already reached their useful life, give you a quick repair service and the possibility of manufacturing a new element.

Development of new products

We analyse together with our customers different designs of ball screws and bevel gears for different applications and we identify and define the most important parameters to meet the most demanding specification


Zuazo S.A. has available the quality policy according to the ISO 9001: 2015 standard for those who request it

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